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346 entertainment common questions.
1: Dj style?
2: Is the Dj vocal?
3: Will the Dj curate my playlists?
4: Can the Dj host my event and do the music?


1. Answer: The Dj style is versatile. From hip hop to      lofi to Reggaeton and more.

2. Answer: Yes! if you want personality with your mix we got it.

3. Answer:  Absolutely, From Spotify to Apple Music, we'll work with you.

 4. Answer: Yes it's possible but prices will vary with the service.

About Me

I started working as a Entertainer out of my pure love of entertaining others. Since 1992, I have been making people across world, walk away with smiles. From performing with the Hit off Broadway group STOMP to performing as a Jedi Master in the George Lucas show Jedi training academy and Trials of the temple in the Disneyland resort. As a Dj, performing in weddings, corporate events, etc. I continue to electrify my guests with the showmanship and fun and professionalism, of 30 yrs of experience.Lets gooo!

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